Cezanne, conquering the age - departure 2.30 pm

Visite guidée pédestre CEZANNE, conquérir le siècleVisite guidée pédestre CEZANNE, conquérir le siècle


FRENCH WALKING GUIDED TOUR -  In the 19th century, contemporary painting was vitiated. France soon, changes civilization. The Beaux-Arts Academy finds a new story for it and reconnects with the ancient world ; ideas are painted and reality flees in the vapors of absinthe. This is the story of a painter who, under the light of Provence, regains his sight. From the race of the Ancients, he won the Sainte Victoire and placed the deposit of Beauty in the Museums. To see something, we must first relearn how to look. So Cezanne shows us how to look at light. To finally understand the genius of Cezanne is to take this overwhelming journey through the history of Art and France, a fascinating visit to our general culture - our common heritage, through a rediscovery of our sense of sight. , and nourish our intelligence. Because Paul Cezanne discovered by scrutinizing the Beautiful, how to become yourself !


  • Language : French​
  • Booking requested 20mn before at the tourist office or online.
  • Depart from St Sauveur cathedral
  • Walking tour
  • Duration : around 2h


  • Adult : 12€
  • ​Free for  child under 7s.



    • Duration :
      • 2h
    • Visit language :
      • French
    • Time of day :
      • in the afternoon
    • Means of transport :
      • walking
    • Type of activity :
      • Guided tour
    • Other information :
      • Tested by our travel advisors
    • Access :
      • departure in front of the Saint-Sauveur cathedral, rue Gaston de Saporta in Aix-en-Provence


    34 rue Gaston de Saporta
    GPS coordinates
    Latitude : 43.53178
    Longitude : 5.44686